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Adventure Park/ Zipline

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Foxwoods Resort and Casino – HighFlyer Zipline. I went ziplining with a friend at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut, and it was awesome. They whisk you up to the rooftop of one of their hotels, where they gear you up and prep you for launch. Out on the roof deck, 350 feet above the ground, the views are expansive, and you can see for miles. There are lines side by side, so we were able to zip at the same time. Once clipped onto the cable the adrenaline starts to build as you look straight down the side of this high rise, I’ll say it again, 350 feet. Once they release you to go it only takes a second and you are descending at a high rate of speed, about 60 mph, elevated way above the trees. As you make your way to the bottom, 1 mile away, just relax and enjoy the ride. A truly unique experience, I highly recommend it.


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