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What is Cross Country Skiing

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein

Cross country Skiing is a type of skiing where skiers use their own body power to move across snow-covered terrain. It can be done anywhere from cross-country ski resorts with groomed trails to backcountry areas with ungroomed terrain. Cross country Skiing is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. 

Cross country Skiing equipment includes cross-country skis, bindings, poles, and footwear. Skis are long and narrow, and they have special bindings that attach your boots to the skis. Poles are used for balance and propulsion. Footwear includes special cross-country ski boots that are soft and flexible. 

Safety is important when cross country Skiing. Be sure to dress warmly and in layers so you can stay dry and comfortable. Wear a helmet to protect your head in case of falls. Watch out for obstacles like trees, stumps, and rocks when skiing cross country.


There are many great locations for cross country Skiing in the United States. Some popular destinations include Yellowstone National Park, Colorado, and Vermont. There are also many cross country ski resorts where you can find groomed trails and other amenities. 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cross-country skier, there's plenty of fun to be had cross country Skiing. Be sure to follow the proper safety precautions and have a great time exploring the beautiful snow-covered terrain on your cross-country skis!

Top Cross Country Skiing Videos

Backcountry XC Skiing - Alaska

Backcountry XC Skiing - Alaska

Watch the newest video here!! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on my website: With the right conditions, xc skiing can be the best way into the backcountry! My goal is to show what's possible with nordic skiing, and maybe redefine how people perceive it. If you like the video, share it! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Video shot entirely in Alaska, over the course of 5 outings in late April and early May 2016. The specific locations were in the Talkeetna Mountains near Hatcher Pass, and in the Alaska Range off of the Denali Highway in the Amphitheater Mountains. Each day we were out for about three hours and covered on average 40km per day with a minimum 1000m vertical. Definitely faster than slogging on heavy backcountry gear. Skiers in order of appearance: David Norris – overall winner of 2016 American Birkebiner, WC skier Tyler Kornfield – 2x US National Champion, Sprinting Myself – I ski sometimes :) Scott Patterson – 2016 National Champion, Distance, WC skier Cole Talbot Andrew Dougherty Erik Flora – 2013 USOC National Coach of the Year – All sports Shot on the GoPro Hero 4 Session with PolarPro Filter, mounted to my ski pole, and homemade stabilizer. Sorry for the shake! Music: Skyward (instrumental) by Scott and Brendo, off the album Youtube songs, Vol. 2 Check out the album here:

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