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What are Unique Travel Experiences

“Exploration is the essence of the human spirit.”

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary travel experience? Check out these unique excursions that will make your vacation one to remember.

Ice hotel - Located in Sweden, the ice hotel is a must-see for any winter traveler. Guests can stay in one of the ice rooms or opt for a more traditional room made of wood and stone. Either way, you're sure to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Safari - For animal lovers, a safari is the perfect vacation. You'll get up close and personal with all sorts of animals, from lions and elephants to giraffes and zebras. And what could be more exciting than spending the night in a tent under the stars?

Igloo - Another great option for winter travelers is an igloo. These unique structures are built entirely of ice and snow, and they offer a truly unique experience. Just be sure to pack your thermal underwear!

Cave hotel - If you're looking for something truly unique, why not try a cave hotel? These hotels are located inside caves, so you can literally sleep inside a rock! Talk about an adventure.

Cliff tenting - For the ultimate in outdoor adventure, cliff tenting is hard to beat. You'll pitch your tent on the edge of a cliff, providing breathtaking views and an adrenalin rush like no other. Not for the faint of heart!

Yurts - Yurts are traditional Mongolian dwellings that have been around for centuries. Today, they're becoming increasingly popular as vacation homes. They offer all the comforts of home while being surrounded by nature. What could be better?

Tipi - Tipis are another type of traditional dwelling that has been used by Native Americans for centuries. Today, they're becoming popular as vacation homes for those looking for a rustic experience. If you're looking to disconnect from modern life, a tipi vacation is perfect for you.

Tree house - A tree house is every kid's dream come true. But did you know that adults can enjoy them too? There are now tree houses available as vacation rentals that are luxurious and spacious enough to accommodate families or groups of friends. So why not fulfill your childhood dreams and go on a tree house vacation?

Whatever your travel style, there is sure to be a unique excursion that's perfect for you!

Top Unique Travel Experience Videos

Sleeping in a -10C hotel made ENTIRELY OF ICE!

Sleeping in a -10C hotel made ENTIRELY OF ICE!

The Music I use: - AMAZING for YouTubers MATTI : NICOLE: Lightroom PRESET PACKS: The Music I use in All my videos: - AMAZING for YouTubers! Color Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : PM MERCH & COFFEE! : My 2020 KIT for Filmmaking, Photography & Vlogs: MY ND FILTERS (A MUST!) The Best Camera Bag Available: Battery Pouch with Indicators: ND FILTER BAG: Accessory Camera Box of Life: Camera Cube Magic Folding Bag : GoPro Hero 7 : MAIN Super Powered STUDIO LIGHT (Only one I use): SWITCHPOD Vlog Stick: My Drone : My Smaller Drone : ND's For my Drone: Main Vlog Camera: Photo / Timelapse Camera 2: VLOG LENS! : Magic ZOOM LENS OF LIFE: Gnarly 28-70 Lens: DOPE B Roll Lens: Small Roll of Gaff Tape: Aputure AL-MX Light: 3 Legged Thing Tripod: Cheap alternative to expensive Time-lapse remote: Expensive Time-lapse Remote: Rode Video Mic Pro Plus: Think Tank Memory Card Organizers: Think Tank SD Organizers: Samsung T5 SSD Drive: FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website:
Cave + Luxury?! -- The Most UNIQUE Vacation Rental Ever  |  Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

Cave + Luxury?! -- The Most UNIQUE Vacation Rental Ever | Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Parthenon, Arkansas is easily the most unique vacation rental we've ever experienced! It's located in Northwest Arkansas, just outside of Ozark National Forest and Buffalo National River. We worked in partnership with the lodge manager, Rayne Davidson, and with the owners to be able to stay here for several days for the purposes of creating this film. It was awesome not only to be able to see the place, but to actually live at the lodge for a few days to get the full experience! And they even allowed us to invite family (one brother from Nashville, another brother and his family from Dallas). Staying at the lodge also afforded us the opportunity to film in a variety of weather conditions, from beautiful sunrises to misty mornings to stormy afternoons to brisk evenings around the firepit. If you're looking for a cool and unique vacation experience, you should definitely consider this place! You can check availability and book your stay through their website: We're very thankful to Rayne, who was wonderful to work with! She was so hospitable, and even acted as our tour guide, showing us cool hiking spots and caves (more than just Beckham Cave!), arranging ziplining, horseback riding, and canoeing, and overall just making sure we had a great experience while there. We also want to thank Horseshoe Canyon Ranch for the ziplining and horseback riding adventures! They're a wonderful group of people who offer all-inclusive vacations at their ranch, allowing guests to participate in the many outdoor activities that they have. Please check out their website at: A little about the project itself: This film was two years in the making! We first heard of Beckham Creek in 2017 when it was for sale and went viral. At the time, I reached out to the realty company to inquire about making a video, but nothing came from that inquiry. Then a couple of months ago we were making plans to go to Nashville for a wedding, and Beckham Creek Cave Lodge popped into my head again, so I looked it up and saw that it had been developed into a vacation rental. So I reached out to them and started a conversation with Rayne, and within a few days we had arranged for us to stay there. The equipment used for this film: Panasonic GH5 Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 lens Voigtlander 10.5mm f0.95 lens DJI Mavic 2 Pro Nebula 5100 Slant gimbal Syrp Genie slider RODE Stereo Mic X The song for this film is "Bloom" by Tony Anderson. It was licensed through All footage is copyrighted to Blue Mantle Films. If you'd like to use portions of this film, please reach out and we can discuss specifics.
PROMO VIDEO | Luxury Wilderness Yurts, Canvas Hotel Telemark, Norway

PROMO VIDEO | Luxury Wilderness Yurts, Canvas Hotel Telemark, Norway

HAVE A PROJECT IN MIND? I make promotional and social broadcast videos for private and commercial clients, working with Yurt Companies, Activists, Education Providers and Estate Owners. contact me: Yurts for Life wanted to showcase their world-class proposition, high-level precision skills and international recognition. We started putting together some customer case studies to showcase their best-in-class clients. My Brief Canvas Telemark is not like other hotels, it is one of the world's coolest wilderness hotels. Their goal is that their guests get the feeling of nature, adrenaline, the silence, warmth and cold and a sense of enjoyment. Thousands of guests have already experienced Canvas Hotel in Telemark since it opened in 2010. My brief was to create a deliverable 1-minute promo for Yurts for Life, to be used across all channels, designed to showcase YFL's arctic-spec Yurts, their modular-component design, the possibility for installation on decks that stretch out into a lake, the winter covers and thermal linings to show that their Yurts would withstand the subzero temperatures. This is a successful creative collaboration between Yurts for Life and Canvas Hotel, with several Yurts and a complex level of service delivery. It was imperative to elevate this promo video to emphasise the Gold Standard. The Execution Canvas Hotel is situated in a secret lake location in Norway, and budget wasn't permissible for me to film on location. Instead, I edited together a 1-minute video made from curated content filmed by me, supplied by Yurts for Life and also Canvas Hotel. All links in the description ensured traffic was directed to the showcase page: (Photo/Video credits: Thomas Brynjulf Svendsen Photography and Canvas Hotel) See this and more on the YFL YouTube channel: Video by Jess Holliday, 2019

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