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What is Disc Golf

“Go outside and do something you will remember.”

Disc golf is similar to golf, but players throw a disc at a target instead of hitting a ball with clubs. The disc, or Frisbee, is thrown towards the target, or "hole." A successful shot results in the disc coming to rest inside the target. The game is played on a course, most of which have 9 or 18 holes. It is similar to traditional golf in that the goal is to complete the course with the fewest number of throws of the disc. 

Many different discs are available for disc golf, each with its own weight, size, and flight characteristics. The most common type of disc is the mid-range disc, which is designed to fly straight and be versatile for both beginner and experienced players. Putter discs are designed to fly straight and have a slow speed; they are often used for approach shots and up-close putts. Drivers are designed to fly long distances; they typically have a wide rim and are more difficult to control than other types of discs.

You can play disc golf on open land; many parks and recreation areas have disc golf courses. Many courses are in wooded areas, but some are in open fields. Some courses are free to play, while others charge a fee. 

To play disc golf, all you need is a disc; no other special equipment is required. Most people wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. If you don't have your discs, you can usually rent them at the course or buy them at a nearby store. 

Disc golf is a fantastic way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It's also great to meet new people and socialize while playing a competitive sport. So grab your discs and head to your nearest disc golf course today! No matter your skill level, there's a course that's right for you.

Top Disc Golf Videos

Paul McBeth's 2019 In The Bag (New)

Paul McBeth's 2019 In The Bag (New)

Welcome to our third episode of "In The Bag with Paul McBeth" brought to you by Discraft! Watch as he gives us an inside look at his disc selection for the 2019 Disc Golf season. Don't forget you can win Paul's entire bag plus the bag itself–details below! DIRECT PURCHASE LINKS 1. Luna - 2. Zone - 3. Drone - 4. Buzzz - 5. Wasp - 6. Tracker - 7. Predator - 8. Undertaker - 9. Heat - 10. Force - 11. Kong - 12. Buy them all! - GIVEAWAY DETAILS Win EVERYTHING in Paul McBeth’s bag including the bag! Visit for all the details on how to enter and win. Good luck! - If you like Disc Golf and enjoyed the video please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Every subscription, thumbs up, comment, and share helps others discover our amazing sport! - Want to see more? You can make that happen! Every single penny of your support on Patreon helps us keep going tremendously! Check it out, over 800+ members: - Shop Jomez Merch - Hats / Discs / Markers & More! Daily DG posts over at - Video Credits: Written and Directed by Jonathan Gomez FollowFlights by Michael Fouché Edited by Michael Fouché, Juan Garcia & Jonathan Gomez Color Correction by Michael Fouché Titles and Graphic Design by Juan Garcia Camera Operators Michael Fouché, Jerry Gomez, Brian Guice & Jonathan Gomez Executive Produced by Bob Julio & Jon Richardson Produced by Juan Garcia & Jonathan Gomez Special Thanks to the location staff, Paul McBeth and the entire crew Filmed 2/19/19 at North Las Vegas Municipal Disc Golf Course - Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. JomezPro™, FollowFlight™, SloMez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Commentary™ are all protected trademarks of Jomez Productions, LLC #jomezpro #discgolf Why are you still reading this? Get out and play some Disc Golf!

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