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What is Surfing

“I yearn for a place untouched by man.”

Surfing is an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once. It's the perfect blend of exercise, relaxation, and fun. And it's easier than you might think! Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know about surfing.

Surfing is basically riding a wave on a surfboard. You can surf at the beach, in a lake, or even in a swimming pool. all you need is a surfboard, some waves, and a little bit of skill.

The first step is to find a good surf spot. Once you've found a spot with good waves, it's time to gear up. You'll need a surfboard, of course, as well as a wet suit and some wax for your board. Wax helps you stay on your surfboard and keeps you from slipping off when the waves get big.

Now it's time to hit the water! Start by paddling out to where the waves are breaking. When you see a good wave coming, start paddling hard and then pop up onto your surfboard. Ride the wave all the way in and then turn around and paddle back out for more! Surfing is an addicting sport that will leave you wanting more and more each time you catch a wave. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and surf!

Top Surfing Videos

I learned to surf in 14 days

I learned to surf in 14 days

MY ADVANCED SELFIE UNIVERSITY: A dream come true, but not without pain and challenges. (Video available with Spanish subtitles). They call El Salvador one of the best hidden gems for surfing. I decided to go there...naturally...and test it out for myself. Without any prior experience in surfing, but holding onto this dream for more than half my life (I wanted to learn to surf since I was 12), I decided I already gave enough excuses, so I might as well just try. And so...I learned to surf in 14 days in El Salvador with the assistance of some INCREDIBLE humans. Or did I? Absolutely this journey would not have been possible without the people dedicated to their craft and to teaching newbies like me. Extremely grateful for the guidance and mentorship of these talented people. And is the result of that. The ups, the down, the frustrations, the injuries, the failures, the successes. A truly fruitful journey. Was I able to accomplish the task at hand? Keep watching to find out! Thank you to EVERYONE involved in helping me achieve this life long dream, particularly: MARCELO: PURO SURF: This video is particularly important to me because obviously this is a dream, secondly it’s showcasing one of my favourite countries in the world, I realised this is EXACTLY the kind of content I want to create and also incorporating having a team. I've wanted to get videographers and editors for 2 years now to assist in the workload, and this video is the result of that. Beginning of an amazing new team! PS. Amazing drone footage by: @Ryan_Forsythe (Instagram) Let me know what you'd like me to try next! Sorelle x ► MY IMPORTANT LINKS AND SOCIAL MEDIA: • My Advanced Selfie University: • My Photography Presets: • Instagram: @sorelleamore • Facebook Page -​ • Blog: • Twitter:

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