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What is an All-Terrain Vehicle - ATV/UTV

“Adventure Awaits, Go find it.”

When most people think of all-terrain vehicles or ATVs, they picture a four-wheeler speeding through the mud. But there’s more to these vehicles than meets the eye. ATVs are versatile machines used for various purposes, from recreation to work. If you’re considering purchasing an ATV, here are a few things you should know.

First, let’s start with the basics. An ATV is a vehicle with four wheels designed to be driven on all terrain. ATVs can be ridden by one or two people, usually with handlebars instead of a steering wheel. Most ATVs also have a cargo rack on the back, which you can use to carry gear or materials.

UTVs, or utility task vehicles, are a type of off-road vehicle similar to an ATV. However, UTVs usually have a side-by-side seating arrangement rather than a single seat for the rider. This makes them more stable and better suited for carrying passengers or cargo. UTVs also typically have windshields and roofs to protect the occupants from the elements.

Now that you know what an ATV is, let’s talk about what you can use them for. ATVs are commonly used for recreation, such as trail riding and fishing. You can also use them for work, such as hauling lumber or carrying supplies to a remote location. Some people even use ATVs for racing. No matter how you plan to use your ATV, there is a model out there that will suit your needs.

You will also need to purchase some safety gear when shopping for an ATV. This includes a helmet, goggles, and gloves. It would help if you also considered investing in protective clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt and pants. These items will help protect you from the elements and injuries in the event of a fall.

Now that you know what ATVs are and what you can use them for, it’s time to get out there and start exploring! Thousands of trails are waiting to be explored, and an ATV is a perfect way to do it. So strap on your helmet, fire up your engine, and hit the trail!

Top ATV/UTV Videos

ATV TRAILER - Offroad PRO 1000

ATV TRAILER - Offroad PRO 1000

Offroad Pro 1000 atv trailer is our top of the line trailer meant for everyday use and challenging conditions. The trailer is designed for ATVs and UTVs but can be towed with any vehicle equipped with a 50 mm / 2'' hitch ball. The sturdy galvanized and powder coated steel frame construction means the trailer is also well suited for companies, who require a simple solution for places where larger equipment cannot operate in (like parks, wet and soft terrain, dense forests, etc.). The 1000 kg / 2205 lb load capacity trailer attached to an ATV does no notable damage to the terrain and is easily maneuverable between trees, allowing access to places outside the reach of larger tractors. The four wheel tandem axle with wide tyres gives the trailer excellent off road capabilities allowing easy navigation over stumps and across ditches. Our Offroad Pro 1000 trailer is available with an easy to install optional timber trailer kit equipped with an electric winch, which makes it also suitable for serious log hauling. PRODUCT FEATURES: Strong steel frame structure. Galvanized and powder coated surfaces. Tandem axle with 4 wheels. A load capacity of 1000 kg / 2204 lb. Manually tiltable cargo box. Removable cargo box front and rear panels. Removable cargo box side board height extensions. Possible to use as a timber trailer. Optional 360 degree rotating hitch coupling and support leg. Complete user guide & CE safety instructions included. Visit our store to purchase our ATV trailers online:
The 10 Craziest Nitro Circus ATV Moments

The 10 Craziest Nitro Circus ATV Moments

➤ Click here to SUBSCRIBE to Nitro Circus: Travis Pastrana and his friends will ride anything anywhere. In this compilation, watch them take all types of ATV to their limit. When it comes to epic wins and fails, this video has you covered. See us live in a city near you: Find all the Nitro Circus gear at our online store. Shirts, hats, gloves, posters, and more! SHOP now: And follow us everywhere for even more fun: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: @nitrocircus TWITTER: Inquiries for Product Licensing Inquiries for Content Licensing About us: Nitro Circus is what happen as when a group of extremely talented and fearless friends decides to make their hobby into their profession. This crew of wild ones represents a cross section of everything awesome in action sports: freestyle motocross, BMX, skateboarding, scooter, snowboarding, skiing, BASE jumping, sky diving, and a bunch of stuff that shouldn't be taken down a ramp. Nitro Circus tours the world putting on shows featuring all of the above and more. In our constant quest to always do what we love and push the boundaries of what's possible in action sports, we have some epic crashes and legendary fails, but stick or stack, our only goal is to have fun and entertain the world in the process.

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